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GlobalProtect provides a unique, integrated mobile security solution to safely enable mobile devices for business use. It consists of three key components: GlobalProtect Gateway (available on the Palo Alto Networks next-generation network security platform), GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager (available on the Palo Alto Networks GP-100), and GlobalProtect App (available for iOS and Android devices).


GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager is available on the GP-100 platform, and provides device management, malware detection and shares device state information with GlobalProtect Gateway.

GlobalProtect safely enables mobile devices based on three categories of security requirements:

  • Manage the Device
    GlobalProtect enables organization to manage mobile device configuration, provision apps and oversee device usage throughout the organization with GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager

  • Protect the Device
    GlobalProtect establishes an IPsec/SSL VPN tunnel to protect the device. The tunnel terminates on a Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall, which delivers consistent enforcement of security policy and threat preventions to users regardless of where they are located. The next-generation firewall inspects the traffic for threats to protect the mobile device from malicious content.

  • Control the data
    GlobalProtect uses apps, users, content and device state as policy criteria for determining the network resources that users can access. Unmanaged or non-compliant devices can be blocked from accessing sensitive resources. The solution also controls business data on mobile devices while respecting the user’s privacy for personal data.
How global protect works

GlobalProtect Gateway

Delivers mobile threat prevention and policy enforcement based on apps, users, content, device and device state. Extends a VPN tunnel to mobile devices with GlobalProtect App. Integrates with WildFire for preventing new malware.

GlobalProtect App

Enables device management, provides device state information, and establishes secure connectivity. Connects to the GlobalProtect Gateway to access applications and data in accordance to policy. Exchanges device configuration and device state with the GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager.

GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager

Provides device management to configure the device. Uses WildFire malware signatures to identify devices with infected apps. Shares information about the device and device state with GlobalProtect Gateway for enforcing security policies. Hosts an enterprise app store for managing business apps. Isolates business data by controlling lateral data movement between business and personal apps.


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