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Ixia Anue 3500: Overview

The Ixia Anue 3500 is an intuitive test case driven solution that you can use to validate the performance of synchronization services and Carrier Ethernet functions required by next generation carrier grade Ethernet/IP based networks.
With the Ixia Anue 3500, test and development engineers at any level can quickly and easily verify compliance to international standards based requirements with real-time graphed analysis and automatic pass/fail results. The Ixia Anue 3500 provides real-world testing of technologies including Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), IEEE 1588, PTP, Circuit Emulation Services (CES, IETF SAToP, IETF CESoPSN, ITU-T Y.1413), MPLS-TP and Carrier Ethernet OAM.


  • Realistic and repeatable network impairment conditions in your lab
  • Improved productivity and time-to-test
  • Increased reliability of your network reducing support costs
  • Precisely reproduce and quickly resolve issues occurring in the field

Synchronous Ethernet

  • Synchronous Ethernet 1GbE and 10GbE SyncE wander Tolerance, Transfer and Generation testing to ITU-T G.8262
  • Generate and measure physical layer wander of T1, E1, 1PPS, 10MHz, 2MHz
  • Real-time graphed TIE, MTIE, TDEV wander analysis
  • Automatic pass/fail results to standards masks
  • Capture and real-time view of SyncE ESMC/SSM packets
  • Modify and impair ESMC packets
  • Generate ESMC packets

IEEE 1588 / PTP and Circuit Emulation

  • ITU-T G.8261, G.827x and MEF18 standards-based test suites
  • Test with any 1588/PTP Profile: e.g., ITU-T Telecom Profiles and IEEE Power Profiles
  • Introduce precise and repeatable packet delay variation (PDV)
  • Record and playback real-world PDV profiles
  • Real-time graphed analysis of PDV (TIE, TDEV, minTDEV)
  • Measure and analyze the Time of Day error of a 1588/PTPv2 stream
  • Measure the Phase Accuracy of a recovered 1PPS signal
  • Measure and analyze recovered clock or TDM signals (2MHz, 10MHz, T1, E1, 1PPS)
  • Capture and real-time view of IEEE 1588 / PTP and CES packets
  • Modify and impair packets
  • Symmetric and asymmetric bidirectional impairment control

Ethernet OAM and Protection Switching

  • Capture and real-time view of Ethernet OAM packets such as ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag and 802.3ah
  • Introduce impairments to verify OAM functions such as measured delay or performance monitoring statistics
  • Induce controlled protection switching events (ITU-T G.8031, G.8032)
  • Modify OAM packets for negative testing

Test Interfaces

  • 100M/1G Ethernet RJ45
  • 1G Ethernet optical SFP
  • 10G Ethernet optical SFP
  • E1 RJ48C
  • T1 RJ48C
  • 2.048MHz BNC
  • 10MHz BNC
  • 25MHz BNC
  • 62.5MHz BNC
  • 125MHz BNC
  • 1PPS BNC

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