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BreakingPoint Application and Security Test Solutions

Now, with the new PerfectStorm Fusion load modules and XGS12 chassis, BreakingPoint is an all-in-one security and performance testing platform for massive-scale, stateful layer 4-7 application and security testing. It is the only system that provides modular scalability that achieves near Terabit levels of mixed application and malicious traffic to test all elements of today’s complex data centers.

BreakingPoint Solutions include:

  • Firewall test
    Firewall test solutions generate stateful application traffic, live security attacks, and massive-scale user load to validate firewall devices.

  • IPS Test
    IPS test solutions validate performance and function of intrusion prevention system devices under real-world conditions, prior to and after deployment.

  • Device Evaluation
    Device evaluation solutions simulate real-world user traffic, at load, to determine how a device will perform when it goes live into production.

  • DDoS Mitigation
    DDoS mitigation solutions ensure that next-gen firewalls, IPS devices, anti-DDoS appliances, and other devices recognize and block malicious traffic.

  • DoS Test
    DoS test solutions include evaluation services that help enterprises evaluate the effectiveness of their security infrastructure

  • DLP Test
    Data loss prevention (DLP) test solutions simulate real-world application traffic, user behavior, and any type of sensitive data in embedded text or attached files.

  • Cyber Range
    Cyber range solutions simulate Internet-scale cyber warfare scenarios to help you model and research advanced cyber threats and train cyber warriors.

  • Cyber Security Training
    Cyber security training offers a standardized curriculum for the dynamic and real-world exercises needed to build skills and hone cyber warrior instincts.

  • Lawful Intercept Test
    Lawful intercept test solutions simulate real-world application traffic found in lawful intercept systems and trigger content in multiple languages.

  • Network Security Test
    Network security test solutions emulate malicious and normal user traffic to harden the resiliency of devices and network infrastructure.

  • Application Load Test
    Application testing solutions ensure the quality and security of multiplay services, application delivery platforms, and security systems.

  • Server Load Test
    Server load testing validates the performance and security of IT infrastructures with real-world application traffic and attacks at line rate.

  • IPv6 Test
    IPv6 test solutions emulate IPv4, IPv6, and transitional dual-stack network protocols to evaluate the readiness of each device, system, or network.

  • Pre-Deployment Test
    Pre-deployment testing enables in-depth benchmarking and analysis to design, develop, and deliver quality and cost-effective networks and systems.

BreakingPoint Products include:

  • PerfectStorm Fusion ( PS10GE8NG )

    10GE 8-port Load Module - high-performance application and security load module with 80Gbps per blade, 960Gbps per XGS12 chassis

  • PerfectStorm Fusion ( PS40GE2NG )

    40GE 2-port Load Module - high-performance application and security load module with 80Gbps per blade, 960Gbps per XGS12 chassis

  • BreakingPoint Firestorm20

    10GE/1GE 20-port Load Module - high-performance application and security blade with 40Gbps per blade, 120Gbps per Firestorm chassis

  • BreakingPoint FireStorm ONE

    10GE/1GE 4-port Appliance – high-performance application and security blade with 40Gbps per appliance; portable form-factor with optional travel case

  • BreakingPoint 10GigE Storm

    10GE 4-port Load Module – application and security blade with 20Gbps per blade, 40Gbps per Firestorm chassis

  • BreakingPoint 1GigE Storm

    1GE 8-port Load Module - application and security blade with 16Gbps per blade, 32Gbps per Firestorm chassis

  • Application and Threat Intelligence

    Intelligence subscription service

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