IXIA solutions test, assess, and optimize networks and data centers to accelerate and secure application delivery by Network testing, Security enhancement and Network monitoring.

Ixia develops amazing products so its customers can connect the world. Ixia helps its customers provide an always-on user experience through fast, secure delivery of dynamic connected technologies and services.

Through actionable insights that accelerate and secure application and service delivery, Ixia"s customers benefit from faster time to market, optimized application performance and higher-quality deployments.

Security Assessment Solutions

In today"s world of crippling cyber-attacks and dynamic applications, organizations need to know that their networks are secure enough to handle the worst that cyber criminals can throw at them. BreakingPoint provides test solutions to help enterprises, service providers, and equipment manufacturers:

  • Optimize firewall and other intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and security devices
  • Optimize firewall and other intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and security devices
  • Build networks and cloud infrastructures that are resilient to attacks
  • Perform "bake-off" evaluations on how next-generation firewalls and other security devices perform on a particular network
  • Validate and harden large 3G and 4G/LTE networks under the most realistic conditions

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Network Test Applications

Rapid changes in the wireless network, such as the deployment of LTE, present significant opportunities and challenges to mobile operators and service providers. These changes are driven both by the proliferation of smart phones with bandwidth-hungry multimedia applications and by the adoption of these technologies from a growing subscriber base. These applications depend on a high user quality of experience (QoE) which operators must maintain and improve to gain competitive differentiation.

Since legacy TDM back haul infrastructure cannot scale to meet demand, the industry has embraced the migration to an all IP/Ethernet network for scalability and cost effectiveness. This next-generation architecture requires new technologies that support carrier-grade performance on a packet-switched network (PSN).

These promising technologies, which include Synchronous Ethernet, IEEE 1588/PTP, SAToP/CESoPSN, MPLS and Ethernet/Link OAM, require a new way of testing. The Ixia Anue 3500 is specifically designed to meet these challenges and helps you answer key questions such as:

  • Can your packet switched network deliver accurate and precise timing and synchronization?
  • Will Ethernet protection mechanisms provide carrier-grade fail-over performance?
  • Will your voice and multimedia services provide acceptable QoE?
  • Can legacy TDM services be maintained over your NGN PSN?
  • Realistic and repeatable network impairment conditions in your lab
  • Improved productivity and time-to-test
  • Increased reliability of your network reducing support costs
  • Precisely reproduce and quickly resolve issues occurring in the field

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