DNS Solutions

Your business simply cannot afford downtime. Making DNS lookups and applications or services consistently accessible to your users and subscribers is critical to minimizing costs and maximizing revenue and productivity.

With F5 you can remove the roadblocks in your DNS network to efficiently deliver high-performing, highly reliable applications and services. F5 solutions provide the power and flexibility you need to set priorities based on security, uptime, reliability, and performance, all while maintaining maximum availability. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and slow page load times for your users, and keep business—and innovation—moving blazingly fast.

DNS Services and Global Load Balancing Solutions

Busy data centers, slow cloud services or outages, and DNS DDoS attacks can negatively affect your users. F5 provides DNS scale, security, network monitoring, geographic distribution, and real-time intelligence to respond with high volume DNS and direct traffic to available data centers, ensuring that users have access to the applications and services they need.

Control Plane Scalability Solutions

Personalized, media-rich applications and mobile devices are putting an enormous strain on the DNS network infrastructure. Service providers need a scalable, reliable control plane to satisfy customers. F5 offers a high performance control plane solution that optimizes and intelligently scales DNS query lookups and responses for maximum app and service availability.

Infrastructure Offload Solutions

More applications mean more DNS requests and a higher load on your infrastructure. You have to scale up your DNS, app servers, data center capacity, and network bandwidth. Or do you? F5 helps you contain costly infrastructure and bandwidth upgrades with solutions that offload processing-intensive tasks from DNS and app servers, manage network connections, and reduce overall network traffic. The result is a data center that operates at peak performance.

DNSSEC Solutions

DNS attacks that attempt to hijack DNS query responses and redirect clients to malicious sites are on the rise. In the past, you had to choose between the high availability of global server load balancing and DNSSEC protection. In addition, the CPU-intensive process of validating DNSSEC could slow responses and lower productivity. Today, a complete DNSSEC real-time signing solution from F5 delivers security, improved performance, and global availability—in a single device.


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