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F5 believes that applications should just work.

People rely on business applications that are delivered by networks. These applications run everything from e-mail to Web pages to customer orders.

For a business to succeed, applications need to work. They need to be secure, they need to be fast, and they need to always be available.

But as businesses try to do more with their applications, complexity increases - often to the point that networks and applications stop working.

Why is F5 different?

F5 is the only vendor you can choose today that can make all your applications work using a single, universal platform.

This shared product platform - called TMOS - is unlike anything else in the industry. TMOS operates in a fundamentally different way than competing technologies, providing a highly modular architecture used by all F5 products.

The TMOS programming interface - called iControl - helps administrators take control of applications, to keep them secure, fast, and available. This interface lets you use iRules scripts, which give you extraordinary flexibility and control over applications and devices.

That flexibility has inspired F5 DevCentral, a thriving online community of tens of thousands of application and network professionals. On DevCentral, our customers collaborate every day on innovative new ideas, techniques, and code, to help businesses scale and adapt quickly to changing needs.

Who relies on F5?

Seven of the Fortune 10 companies, and nine of the top 10 financial firms rely on F5. Microsoft, Oracle, BEA, and SAP all recommend F5 to their customers. In all, over 16,000 organizations worldwide trust F5 to keep their applications running - and that number just keeps growing.

For more information please visit: http://www.f5.com

Products and Solutions:

Access Control

F5 unified access solutions make it easier and more cost-effective to manage global access—by giving you a strategic point of control. Protect your public-facing applications, ensure that users have secure remote access to corporate resources from any device, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with full IPv6 support.

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Load Balancing Solutions

F5 application-centric load balancing solutions ensure that your customers and partners have access to the applications they need—whenever they need them—by monitoring the health and performance of individual servers in real time.

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Cloud Computing

F5 solutions enable the automated, repeatable deployments you need to reap and maintain the benefits of cloud computing. Base your operational strategy on the unique F5 application control plane architecture, and you'll be well on your way to a dynamic, efficient data center that will ensure scalability, security, and manageability across your environments and systems.

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DNS Solutions

With F5 you can remove the roadblocks in your DNS network to efficiently deliver high-performing, highly reliable applications and services. F5 solutions provide the power and flexibility you need to set priorities based on security, uptime, reliability, and performance, all while maintaining maximum availability. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and slow page load times for your users, and keep business—and innovation—moving blazingly fast.

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Web Optimization Solutions

F5 Application Delivery Optimization solutions help you achieve top performance by making your network and applications work faster, use fewer resources, and operate more cost-effectively. With F5, you can:

  • Accelerate web applications for your users and customers
  • Speed replication between data centers
  • Improve performance for mobile and remote users
  • Reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs
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Application Security Solutions

With F5, you can secure access to applications and data from anywhere while protecting the applications wherever they reside. F5 delivers an intelligent services platform that integrates application delivery, monitoring, and context-based policy enforcement. You get a highly scalable, extensible, and simplified approach to maximizing security.

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Virtualization Solutions

Building an efficient, enterprise-class data center requires virtualization. It’s critical to maintaining an adaptable network and accomplishing application scale, consolidation, and business continuity. Whether you’re taking advantage of server, desktop, or application virtualization, F5 provides hardware and software solutions that help you rethink your network infrastructure. With F5, you can achieve the highest efficiency and get the most from your operational resources.

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