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With headquarters in Germany, Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that provide the Root of Trust to all industries, from financial services and payment to the automotive industry, cloud services and the public sector. The company keep your cryptographic keys and digital identities safe in order to protect critical digital infrastructures and high value data assets. Their products enable innovation and support the creation of new business by helping to secure critical data and transactions.

Utimaco delivers a comprehensive product family of HSMs. Each of our hardware models can be deployed as a general purpose HSM for easy integration into existing software solutions. They can also be customized to enable the development of new solutions.

Founded in 1983, Utimaco HSMs today are deployed across more than 80 countries in more than 1,000 installations. Today, thousands of enterprise, commercial and infrastructure companies rely on Utimaco to guard IP, critical business data and applications against internal and external threats. The HSM solution help protect hundreds of millions of consumers globally. Put your trust in Utimaco – today and in the future.


general purpose HSM

The Utimaco General Purpose Hardware Security Module

The Utimaco SecurityServer is a general purpose Hardware Security Module that ensures the security of cryptographic key material for servers and applications.

SecurityServer – Utimaco’s general purpose Hardware Security Module

SecurityServer comes as a bundle with your choice of Utimaco CryptoServer Se-Series Gen2 or CSe-Series hardware, and includes a software HSM simulator for easy integration testing and evaluation. With precision engineering, the tamper-proof Utimaco Hardware general purpose Security Modules offer scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and defense mechanisms for hostile environments. Utimaco HSMs meet and fulfill numerous compliance requirements and industry standards, and work with all common algorithms and interfaces (APIs). All SecurityServer HSMs support configurable role-based access control (C-RBAC). Authentication mechanisms range from username/password to key files and multi-factor smartcard-based authentication.

SecurityServer Se2

payment HSM

Utimaco offers Hardware Security Modules for Payment use cases:

  • Utimaco Atalla AT1000 payments security module for protecting sen­sitive data and associated keys
  • PaymentServer Se Gen2 and PaymentServer CSe to reach full PCI compliance for your solutions

The Utimaco Atalla HSM is a NextGen PCI PTS HSM v3.0 and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified payments HSM designed to protect customer sensitive data, perform cardholder authentication, and manage the cryptographic keys used in ecommerce retail payment transactions.

Atalla HSM AT1000

Enterprise Key Management (ESKM)

ESKM is deployed wherever customers use encrypted stor­age or communications to protect their sensitive information. Sensitive data types include

  • payment cardholder data (CHD),
  • electronic health re­cords (EHR),
  • personally identifiable information (PII),
  • intellectual property (IP),
  • confidential business records,
  • service provider hosted data, and
  • defense and classified information.

Sensitive information can reside in tape libraries/media, in enterprise disk arrays, on storage area networks, as well as in private and public cloud services.

Enterprise Secure Key Management

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